TLABC Statement on Expert Report Announcement – February 11, 2019


For Immediate Release – February 11, 2019

Vancouver, BC. – TLABC supports any reasonable effort to at making our system of civil justice fairer, faster and cheaper. However, today the Attorney General David Eby announced sweeping changes to the number of experts that can testify on behalf of even the most grievously injured British Columbians. It is concerning to TLABC that the Attorney General, who is responsible for the administration of justice for all British Columbians, is forcing such severe restrictions on a victim’s right to prosecute her or his claim to the sole benefit of one party, ICBC.

Of particular concern, TLABC understands that the Attorney General is forcing these changes unilaterally. He is doing so despite protest from the independent Rules Committee, which is comprised of justices of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and a number of senior lawyers from around the province from various areas of practice, including lawyers who do defense work for ICBC. Further, it should concern all British Columbians the Attorney General has passed these changes behind closed cabinet doors by Order in Council, thereby precluding public debate in the legislature.

Passing such consequential changes to our system of civil justice with no legislative debate is undemocratic. Time and again this government seems to favor ICBC’s financial interests over the legal rights of British Columbians, and this rush to pass restrictions on how victims of negligence must prove their cases at law is the most recent illustration of making car accident victims pay for reckless driving.

TLABC expects to have further comment to these proposed changes when the Order in Council is made public.



The mission of the Trial Lawyers’ Association of BC is to support and promote the rights of individuals in British Columbia.

For media or other enquiries:

Todd Hauptman, Public Affairs Director / 604-696-6519


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