Hit the Ground Running



Well, we’re back.

It’s fall, it’s busy, and we are ready to hit the ground running!

“There’s a feeling in the air when summer fades and fall begins… that back-to-school ‘something’ that is crisp and busy and smells like falling leaves and hot apple pie.  Warm afternoons turn into cool, dark evenings and calendars fill up again with meetings, fundraising and campaign strategy…”  [from the upcoming issue of the Verdict – Fall 2016 – Ejack]

Our committees are kicking off new initiatives and projects, our Executive and Board of Governors will meet next week to begin implementing the strategy that arose from our annual Governance Retreat, and the smell of fresh coffee brewing for those early morning meetings permeates TLABC headquarters.

We’ve been examining our goals and planning for the year ahead, but the work has been strategic and internal and now it’s time for action.

In short, Fall hits – and it’s go-time.

Not that summer has been all that quiet around here- we’ve had multiple retreats and conferences going on for the TLABC Staff, the Board & Executive, and some of our campaign committees, (albeit with a few vacation days tacked on.)  We’ve had staff in Los Angeles and Seattle, Washington, Squamish, the Yukon and Osoyoos, and we’ve even be honoured with a couple of awards!


The National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives (NATLE) has awarded TLABC it’s innaugural Award of Excellence for Publication of the Year for the Verdict, TLABC’s widely recognized magazine. 

NATLE is an organization whose members are chief executives and staff of justice associations throughout North America. Its 67 member associations collectively represent over 60,000 attorneys. 

the Verdict Board:

  • Editorial Board: Candace Cho, Aseem Dosanjh, Ed Good, Bill MacLeod, Dana Quantz, Harmonie Roesch-West, Michael Sporer
  • Publisher: Julia Chalifoux
  • Managing Editor: Carla Terzariol
  • Editor Emeritus: Ken Price
  • Staff Writer: Ben Doyle

As well, the International Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA) has awarded TLABC one of only 21 annual awards granted to competitors representing more than 300 organizations.


An Award for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT was given to TLABC for our Medical Legal Conference XIII: Hawaii 2015 – Health and Legal Professionals Working Together as Allies in the Best Program category. 

ACLEA members are professionals in the fields of continuing legal education and legal publishing. Its annual ACLEA’s Best Awards are highly competitive and winning projects represent the highest level of achievement for the staff and volunteers involved.

Project Faculty and Staff: 
•    Mock Trial / Focus Group: Robyn Wishart, The Hon. Mr. Justice Nathan Smith, Marc Kazimirski, Joseph Cahan, Dr. Gwyllyn Goddard, and Christy Pratt.
•    Conference Planning Committee: Derek Miura, Robyn Wishart, Dr. Nairn Stewart, Dr. Mark Frobb, Dr. Douglas Lee & Dr. James Kennedy
•    TLABC Staff: Erin Monahan (Education Director) and Carla Terzariol (Executive Director)

While we’re tooting our horns, we were also named as one of the top 10 legal Twitter accounts last year by Lawsome  – see the original post here.  

Follow us on Twitter @tla_bc

It’s been a busy summer and it’s definitely going to be a busy year, so gear up with us, and let’s make 2016/2017 the most successful year yet!



New Blood – A Welcome to our new President!

It’s a new year and we have ushered in a brand new Board of Governors and Executive Committee as well!  (see the full list here)  Tomorrow will mark the first Executive Meeting of 2015 and we will welcome some new faces.

We had a great year working closely with Past-President Richard Parsons, of Collette Parsons Harris, keeping him occupied with meetings, campaigns and issues, and he thrived – facing every challenge with flying colours!


Now, as we welcome our new President, Krista Simon, of Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, we are sure to keep her just as busy…


“Krista is a Partner at Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, having previously been an associate upon joining the firm in 2004 and her primary area of practice is personal injury litigation…” – you can read more about her professional career here on the Hammerberg Lawyers website… but what we really wanted to share with you is her personal side!

We’ve known Krista for several years now and not only is she talented, articulate and incredibly driven, she is also super fun, easy to work with and has a great sense of humour.

In that spirit, we have put her to the test, answering some of our most profound questions… and here’s what she had to share:

Q:           What is your favourite colour?

A:            Blue.

Q:           Do you have a favourite band?

A:            Hmmm, there are so many bands… The Tragically Hip.

Q:           Do you have any pets?

A:            2 cats, Mac and Gemi (a little brother and sister twin team; 1 yr, 5 months old.)

Q:           What is your dream travel destination, or favourite place you’ve already   been?

A:            Andalusia region of Spain –  hope to spend a lot more time there in years to come.  And I love getting home to Newfoundland (in the summer, of course.)

Q:           What do you like to do to unwind outside of work?

A:            Go to the gym, play tennis, drink wine…

Q:           When did you know you wanted to be a lawyer?

A:            In grade 3 (8 years old?)

Q:           When did you realize that being President of TLABC was at the top of your bucket list?  (… is the answer the same as above?) 

A:            A few years ago… as I was making my way through different Table Officer positions

Q:           What else is on your bucket list?

A:            More travel, write a book, learn Spanish

Q:           What is one thing you hope to achieve this year as President of TLABC? 

A:            To engage more members in our projects and committees

Q:           Have you ever beaten yourself at a game of “Simon Says”…?

A:            I always win.

[Bonus question:  Have you ever felt luckier than to be working with the most stellar team of well-rounded professionals in town? (just kidding)]

And there you have it!  I’m sure as the year goes on, we will have many more things for her to contemplate and questions to answer, but there is a little snapshot for now.  We look forward to the year ahead and to working with Krista and the rest of our new governance!

Back in Business…

FINALLY, we can say… Happy New Year!  The holiday season was wonderful and we are ready to face 2014 with a bunch of fresh changes!

We are (sort of) back in the swing of things here at TLABC, although the cold and flu season has hit us hard.  Despite our attempts to stay rested and healthy, the TLABC team has been dropping like flies.  Hopefully, we are through the worst of it now, as we prepare to dive into the new season.

As mentioned before the holidays, we have said goodbye to our longtime Membership Director, Sheila Schierbeck, and would like to introduce a new face: Amanda Huettner!  Amanda will be taking on the challenging and important role of Membership Director!

Amanda was “born and raised in Vancouver” and comes to us with a background in Not-for-Profit Management, as well as in Legal Research and Administration.  Her first official day was January 2nd, but she was given a glimpse into the TLABC antics in December, when she attended the December Medical Legal seminar, followed by the Holiday Bash… (and survived!)  Sooooo, we are anticipating a great fit for our crazy team!

We are SO excited to have her on board and look forward to introducing her to all of you over the next little while!  At TLABC, we pride ourselves on having a very special staff, with diverse backgrounds, skill-sets and personalities, so with any luck, she will fit right into our kooky crew… 

See you all soon…