Perspective: TLABC New Lawyers Retreat

We think it’s important to get some perspective, from time-to-time, on our events and programs from the people they are designed to benefit the most… our members!

Recently, we held our inaugural New Lawyers Retreat in Squamish, BC and from all accounts, it was a huge success!  Set up as a mentorship weekend, TLABC hosted a group of new lawyers and seasoned veterans for an outdoor adventure retreat.

One of the new lawyer committee representatives, Alexia Majidi, shares her account of this awesome event.

“The first ever New Lawyers Retreat this year was nothing short of a true success!

From the mentors, the speakers, and the general collegial atmosphere, everything was just great. Friday night was an opportunity for everyone to meet and to socialize in a more comfortable setting than what we are all used to back in the office. It was a chance for everyone to loosen up and get to know one another before getting down to business on Saturday morning.

Saturday, we all slowly made our way to the conference hall and sat back and listened to some of the greatest in our profession. Barb Cornish and Mary-Ellen Boyd gave us vital insight into a successful mediation, while The Honourable Madam Justice Lisa Warren gave us her “Top DOs and DON’Ts in the Courtroom.” As a new call, there is nothing more valuable than getting these sorts of tips straight from the top!

Later we broke into smaller groups and had a chance to ask general questions, like work-life balance and the key to a successful practice, from amazing mentors. Once the educational part of the retreat was over we all headed off on our Squamish adventures. Once back from the adventures, we got together for a BBQ and beverages before we headed off into town, finding ourselves belting karaoke tunes with (TLABC President,) Aseem, at The Chief!

I am already looking forward to planning and attending next years’ retreat! It was the perfect way to learn, meet great mentors, and to enjoy ourselves with some of the most humble and brilliant minds that make up the BC Bar today.” 

 Alexia Majidi
TLABC Member/Lawyer – Jiwa Law Corporation



Help the BC Courthouse Library!

Old books

CLBC is taking a deep look at how they serve value to their membership and lawyers across the province. This is your chance to have a say! This exercise involves several interviews. To get good representation (year of call, region, etc.), they will be doing a quick (4-5 minutes) intake survey and then short-listing folks for a longer 1-hour Skype, phone or in-person interview. Thank you for your interest!

Please email Audrey Jun at  before August 9th, 2016 (next Tuesday!)

Member Profile: Darren Sall

TLABC is full of interesting characters, and every so often, we like to highlight one of them.  This time, it’s new(ish) member, Darren Sall.  Darren has been working closely with our Membership Director, Amanda Huettner, to reinvigorate our Mentorship Program, as well as becoming involved in the New Lawyers group and even volunteering his time to help us out at some of our seminars and events!

We’re so pleased to welcome Darren into the nutty world of TLABC and we thought you should get to know him too.

DARREN - 016

In his own words…

I decided to combine my passion for travel and the law, which resulted in me attending law school in Australia at Bond University. I completed a dual Canadian/Australian Law Degree and graduated with Honours.

Upon returning to Canada I hooked up with CBA National and became the head volunteer coordinator for the annual Canadian Legal Conference held in Vancouver in 2012.  I was responsible for organizing all volunteers for events and seminars for the entire conference.  My drive and tenacity during this experience opened the door to my current position, as a Litigation Consultant to senior counsel at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP.  I have acted as junior to counsel during the course of a year-long trial in the Supreme Court of BC on a complex commercial litigation matter.  My position has exposed and provided me experience in all matters related to the preparation and conduct of a complex civil trial.  I have been intimately involved in everything from witness interviews, examination of witnesses, interactions with opposing counsel, writing a multitude of arguments covering various legal issues and areas of law.  I was also granted special dispensation to sit at counsel table, based on my mastery of the voluminous documentary evidence presented at trial.

Q &A (some fun facts)…

Q:           What is your favourite colour?

A:         Red

Q:           Do you have a favourite movie?

A:         Would have to be a tie between The Empire Strikes Back and The Firm.
Q:           What do you think would be a theme song to your life?

A:         Hmmmm….tough one…perhaps… Whitesnake – “Here I Go Again” ….. haha
Q:           Do you have any pets?

A:         No

Q:           What is your dream travel destination, or favourite place you’ve already been?

A:         Favorite place I have been thus far would have to be Australia, the Gold Coast. Dream destination, Europe due to the rich history and I would love to travel to Russia and Shanghai.

Q:           What do you like to do to unwind outside of work?

A:         To unwind I like to stay active through running and am currently training as an amateur powerlifter.  I also like to spend downtime with family and friends.

Q:           When did you know you wanted to be a lawyer?

A:         From what I am told, I knew from a very early age, family tells me I have always loved to argue any point at any time.  Basically, since I can remember it has been my dream and drive in life.

Q:           What else is on your bucket list?

A:         Viewing the wonders of the world, a dream of mine is climbing Everest (I’m a sucker for a good scenic view), essentially amassing any and every experience I can within my lifetime and putting as many flags on my globe as I am able to.


For more information on Darren, please visit his LinkedIN page: or Twitter @legallyinclined

To sign up for our Mentorship Program– as a Mentor or a Mentee, please visit:

Fall Into Action

With the rest of the country battling snowflakes, I suppose we should be pretty thankful that the BC sun is (strangely) still shining! There’s no doubt, however, that fall is on the way.  With the passing of Labour Day weekend, the football season in full swing and the sunset creeping earlier and earlier, it is clear that it’s time to get back in gear.

We have a busy season upon us – and you can feel it in the air!

Tonight marks the first of many events for the New Lawyers Litigation Group in the “Trial By Fire No More” series.  For the first time, in order to accommodate more new lawyers, we will be holding the event off-site, at the Scotiabank Dance Centre at 677 Davie Street.  This September kick off event will feature “A View From the Crown” with Judge Lyndsay Smith – a longtime friend of TLABC and active member until she was appointed last year.  We’re looking forward to welcoming many new faces to the group and we look forward to an exciting season ahead!

In conjunction with this event, we are pleased to announce the re-launch the TLABC Mentorship Program!  

With over 1500 members who practice in many different practice areas, it’s no secret that there is an untapped wealth of knowledge at the fingertips of our new and young lawyers, as members of TLABC.  For more information on this awesome program, please visit the website or click here.  This is just one of the many benefits of becoming a TLABC member!

We have alot of exciting programs to keep you apprised of throughout this year and you can follow it all on our social media platforms… TLABC is now active on Twitter (@tla_bc), Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram and of course here on WordPress.

Now go and enjoy those last few rays of sun!

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