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It’s that time of year again!

As we lead up to the 12th annual Women Lawyers Retreat, which will be held this October at Nita Lake Lodge, in Whistler, we invite you to participate in the ever-popular Women Lawyers ReTWEET!

The Retweet is a fun way to connect our members and community, and encourage collaboration, inspiration and discussion.  This year, the Retweet will compliment our new initiative – Wellness In the Workplaceand we would encourage you to consider how wellness plays a role in both your personal and professional life.  As we support and inspire each other, we fuel the fires of success.

Post or send your favourite links, websites, quotes, tips or photos… anything that inspires you as a professional and as a woman.

There are 3 easy ways to participate…

  1.  Follow us on Twitter @tla_bc, Facebook (TLABC) & (TLABC Women), and on Instagram (tlabc)
  2.  Use the hashtag #TLABC_women or tag us in your posts that inspire you as a woman & a professional!
  3.  Send us your favourite posts, images, articles, photos or quotes and we will include them in our posts.  Please email megan@tlabc.org



Wellness Wednesday – October

“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but a habit” – Aristotle.


Last weekend, we held our 11th annual Women Lawyers Retreat at Nita Lake Lodge, in Whistler.  It was a wonderful weekend of inspiration, collaboration and learning.

Despite what some people might think, the challenges women face, (especially in business and in law,) have certainly not disappeared… and it’s crucial that while we acknowledge how far we’ve come, we also recognize what we can do to continue to progress and create change.

As we continue to move forward and support one another, let’s remember that healthy habits are the foundation of growth.

Here’s a Wellness Wednesday pick from our publisher, Julia Chalifoux, from the Centre For Women in Business…

Five Healthy Habits for Women in Business

Take care of yourselves!




End of Winter Update

It’s been nearly a MONTH since our last post, because we’ve been bu-sy!  Busy is good.

February has gone by in a flash.  Our Community program, ‘TLABC Cares – Lawyers Helping People’ has been working towards some new projects, including taking part in Pink Shirt Day – the campaign to end bullying

Check us out:


Bullying is not just about school-aged kids – ‘bullies’ can be found everywhere from the workplace to the courtroom and it’s crucial that we recognize the signs of disrespect.  We pride ourselves on having a strong team, from our leadership to our newest faces, as well as in our community, and the strength in our team lies in just that – respect.  We hope to act as an example in the community, as we work with our friends and partners towards continued justice.

On that note, TLABC was recently invited to attend the CBABC Women’s Forum at Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, BC, and we were so pleased to be there!  Anytime the CBA and TLABC can join forces, whether it’s at an event like this, or with justice-related issues in the community, we’re thrilled.

I was asked to give a presentation on an Introduction to Social Media For Lawyers (“Confessions of a Twit”) and had a great time speaking to an intimate group of lawyers, judges and Thompson Rivers University Law (TRU law) students before hitting the spa.  The event was organized by Kerri Priddle of Chahal Priddle, in Kamloops, BC and her (amazing) articled student (soon to be associate), Jasmine Kooner.  Kerri is a member of both TLABC and the CBA, and a longtime attendee of our own Women’s event, the Annual TLABC Women Lawyers Retreat, which we hold each October at Tigh Na Mara Seaside Resort in Parksville, BC.

The program included some great presentations and the weekend, as a whole, was wonderful.  It’s so great to see law firms and schools who value these types of seminars for women.  The inspiration and collegiality that comes from a setting in which women are able to support other women in the field of law, is so important to the growth of the profession.

The weekend was not without a bit of wine and fun either – the Saturday night event was an organized murder mystery party!  What better way to get to know each other than in some ridiculous costumes and crazy characters..?  It’s nice to be able to combine learning and levity once in a while.  (I won’t even get into the top-secret karaoke parties I’ve witnessed at other events…)  But I digress.

The business of law is a very serious business indeed…